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Nash remembered on

Nash with Browders

(L to R).. a friend, John Nash (standing), Alicia Nash, Felix Browder, Eva Browder, in 1950 at Berkeley, California.



Lover in a metaphysical dream

A copy of your body, my dream wife
A copy of your temperament, my dream lover
In your womb is my child
On your tomb engraves my writing.

Your death is but a metaphor
My survival is the true questionable.
you hanged yourself with your long hair
unconsolable sobs in thy womb.

Who? Whom? Whose? faulty line ?

Holy ghost called but Nash no longer hears voices. Hence a beautiful mind

was ejected and pronounced dead on the scene. I wonder if it was Abel who

lost his cool at the waiting game or is it that some other Paraclete made a

miscalculation on the timing belt.

Our bodily vessel is but placeholder for all the mysteries and their

passing and going unto God’s work done or left undone since timely departures of

all saints after Christ walking on this earth. So chime in if you still believe in

παράκλητος …  If not,  the sun never shine in Californification…

Acquiescent right to the photocopy was made by surviving member of the late Felix Browder ( 1927 – 12.10. 2016) of Princeton, originally appeared in Sylvia Nasar’s book “A beautiful mind”.