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‘Arabian Sun’

   Posted by: sye   in Unixes

Have my system setup to try out this new AIR/Java app. ‘Piano Marvel’ from Nate Ross’s Code Vault. Need to look into Meriapi – AIR/Java Bridge .

From technology point of view, piano marvel should be able to support Linux/AIR clients. Recently converted all my personal notebooks to run Ubuntu/Maverick and loved it. Unfortunately, the site does not offer this option. Maybe I can find myself a part-time job working towards providing this niche? Besides the midi interface model UM-2G, bought from has only Windows/Mac driver available on Roland support site. How to overcome that huddle on top of the other reverse-engineering task?

Picked up ‘Arabian Sun’ as the first in my repertoire. It took me about half a day to be able to play it like pieces of cake. btw, MDC@K5 mentioned Mutopia a site offering free download/distribute of classic sheet music. Vivaldi’s Lute Concerto in D 2nd movement is quite soothing.

Greg loved doing Lession 1C ‘Peter Peter’