Female Musical Figures

Title: Untitled
Artist: Mario Carreno
Medium: Mixed Media
Features: Signature
Print Year: 1947
Width: 25.25″ Height: 21.25″
Art Notes: This work presents a number of female figures depicted as musical instruments. There are three standing figures in the background, a figure lying across the center foreground, and one additional representation of the female figure as guitar to the left of the central figure. The other instruments would seem to be, moving from left to right in the background, a drum, a tambourine and a second drum. The figure foregrounded at the center could be seen as a piano (with the keys underneath the strings). Phallic symbols appear at either end. The figures are in their conjunction an articulation of a vision of a tropical, specifically Cuban, culture, not unlike other pieces by the artist done in this period.
Condition: This ink and watercolor is preserved in window mat showing faint smudging. The rear edges of this piece are taped to the verso of the mat. A number of markings are visible of the reverse side of the watercolor, presumably tape residue.

The name “Carreno” and the number 47 appear in the lower right corner.

Estimated Sale Price: $10,000 – $40,000.

Description: MARIO CARREÑO
(Cuban, 1913-1999)
Untitled, 1955
Tempera on paper on cardboard
Acquired by the present owner form Cuban art dealer, Rafael Fajardo.
Mario Carreno
H 18 1/2 x W 31 1/2 inches
Estimated Price: $30,000 – $35,000

Similar Artists and their artworks:

Description: Interior con espejo y puerta al mar
signed ‘Cundo Bermúdez’ (lower right)
oil on canvas
35 x 24 in. (89 x 61 cm.)
Painted circa 1965.
Provenance: Private collection, New York.
Artist or Maker: Cundo Bermudez (Cuban B. 1914)
Literature: Cundo Bermúdez, Cuban-American Endowment for the Arts, Inc., Miami, 2000, p. 152, no. 65.1 (illustrated in color).
Sold from Christie: $66,000


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