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The book sounds very interesting. I wish I could help you find a copy of the book. However, I don’t know any book collectors or reseller sin Taiwan.

On the other hand, I may be able to translate Ms. Tsai’s poems into English if Ms. Tsai or Mr. Fu are willing to hire me to do that. It has to wait though. I’m really tied up these days, but my schedule should be less hectic in the summer. Just a thought.

Best regards,

On Sat, Mar 7, 2015 at 10:01 AM, S Ye wrote:
hi Crystal,

I bought this copy of Alexe Fu’s book at Princeton Seminary book sale
a couple of years ago. His wife Anna Tsai’s text accompanied his
painting is most extraordinary, so precise and concise at depicting
the essence of his paintings.

•Alixe FU’92
(Album 3. Chinese & French)
Text: Chen Ying-Tech
220×139 mm. 104 pages
Imprimé en mai 1992, Taiwan

unfortunately, I lost that copy ! Do you think you can find any used
copy any where? Or if there might be any new edition?

Here’s a link to his books.

Do you know any book collector/reseller in Taiwan?

Thank you for your writing and your friendship



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Date: Wed, May 30, 2012 at 11:06 AM
Subject: two extra-ordinary Chinese artists

Hello 傅讯达,

I’m sure everything is pretty well for you at Princeton Learning
Cooperative. So your school ends on June 19th.

I discovered a Taiwanese artist, his name is 傅庆丰. (Alexe Fu) He
resides in France and NYC now. But I am mostly impressed by his muse,
a lady by the name Anna Tsai who wrote many Chinese poems accompanies
his paintings. It’s quite impossible to translate her text from
Chinese into English. That’s how good she understands his paintings.

Here’s a list of his books published.

I own one of them. If you are interested, I can lend you during the
summer time.

also, here’s a link that I try to follow on China affair through Americans eyes



Private Correspondence

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M. A.
Date: 3/14/2012
Subject: RE: what are you up to these days?
I got divorced a couple of years ago. I have a six year old son
named Lorenz who I think is pretty adorable. I have him three days a week.

I published a book in 2009, It’s gotten a couple of very good reviews lately.

Peter actually works at New York University.
It’s a public university. Columbia is a private, Ivy League school.

What’s new with you? Are you living in Princeton now?

On 03/14/12 1:33 PM, I wrote:
hi M,
How have you been? How’s your daughter and family?

I googled that your old school mate Peter is teaching at Columbia Univ in NYC these days. I spammed him an email recently.

What have you been up to ? I volunteer to teach Chinese at Princeton Learning Cooperative. I am reading this book ‘IDEOGRAM – Chinese chracters and the myth of disembodied meaning’ by J. Marshall Unger. He is professor of Japanese and chair at Ohio State Univ. I love his footnote:

1. Or to quote the jolting warning my colleague Galal Walker gives
students:’If you study Chinese with the goal of making Chinese listen
to the same stuff you say in English to Americans, you’re just
learning how to piss off a billion people the hard way”.