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W.S Landor’s epitaph

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{originally posted on “Today marked the departure of a 105 years old Chinese writer/translator 杨绛  (1911年7月17日-2016年5月25日).  She was most fond of and translated W.S Landor’s epitaph:

Unsatisfied with others rendition, I attempted to make my own on May 25th, 2016:

我用双手为生命之火 加碳取暖;火熄魂散 。

Image is from MengJin blog:



Easter Eve

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EASTER EVE – Muriel Rukeyser
Wary of time O it seizes the soul tonight
I wait for the great morning of the west
confessing with every breath mortality.
Moon of this wild sky struggles to stay whole
and on the water silvers the ships of war.
I go alone in the black-yellow light
all night waiting for day, while everywhere the sure
death of light, the leaf’s sure return to the root
is repeated in million, death of all man to share.
Whatever world I know shines ritual death,
wide under this moon they stand gathering fire,
fighting with flame, stand fighting in their graves.
All shining with life as the leaf, as the wing shines,
the stone deep in the mountain, the drop in the green wave.
Lit by their energies, secretly, all things shine.
Nothing can black that glow of life; although
each part go crumbling down
itself shall rise up whole.

Now I say there are new meanings; now I name
death our black honor and feast of possibility
to celebrate casting of life on life. This earth-long day
between blood and resurrection where we wait
remembering sun, seed, fire; remembering
that fierce Judaean Innocent who risked
every immortal meaning on one life.
Given to our year as sun and spirit are,
as seed we are blessed only in needing freedom.
Now I say that the peace the spirit needs is peace,
not lack of war, but fierce continual flame.For all men: effort is freedom, effort’s peace,
it fights. And along these truths the soul goes home,
flies in its blazing to a place
more safe and round than Paradise.

Night of the soul, our dreams in the arms of dreams
dissolving into eyes that look upon us.
Dreams the sources of action, the meeting and the end,
a resting-place among the flight of things.
And love which contains all human spirit, all wish,
the eyes and hands, sex, mouth, the whole woman–
fierce peace I say at last, and the sense of the world.
In the time of conviction of mortality
whatever survive, I remember what I am–
The nets of this night are on fire with sun and moon
pouring both lights into the open tomb.
Whatever arise, it comes in the shape of peace,
fierce peace which is love, in which move all the stars,
and the breathing of universes, filling, falling away,
and death on earth cast into the human dream.
What fire survive forever
myself is for my time.


Tunes from SoundCloud

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chinese_music_paradise – 在水一方 二胡


Reply to Li Shuyi

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reply to Li shuyi

Reply to Li Shuyi

I lost my proud Poplar and you your Willow,
Poplar and Willow soar to the Ninth Heaven.
Wu Gang, asked what he can give,
Serves them a laurel brew.

The lonely moon goddess spreads her ample sleeves
To dance for these loyal souls in infinite space.
Earth suddenly reports the tiger subdued,
Tears of joy pour forth falling as mighty rain.
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The Poet And the Pendulum – Nightwish

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The Poet And The Pendulum

SnapzProX2 ( or JingPro) + VisualHub (FilmDedux..) + KaraTune


Berlioz: Les Nuits d’été, Janet Baker

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Le spectre de la rose

Le spectre de la rose

Soulêve ta paupière close/Open your closed eyelid
Qu'effleure un songe virginal;/Which is gently brushed by a virginal dream!
Je suis le spectre d'une rose/I am the ghost of the rose
Que tu portais hier au bal./That you wore last night at the ball.
Tu me pris encore emperlée/You took me when I was still sprinkled with pearls
Des pleurs d'argent de l'arrosoir,/Of silvery tears from the watering-can,
Et, parmi la fête étoilée,/And, among the sparkling festivities,
Tu me promenas tout le soir./You carried me the entire night.

Ô toi qui de ma mort fus cause,/O you, who caused my death:
Sans que tu puisses le chasser,/Without the power to chase it away,
[Toute la nuit]1 mon spectre rose/You will be visited every night by my ghost,
À ton chevet viendra danser./Which will dance at your bedside.
Mais ne crains rien, je ne réclame/But fear nothing; I demand
Ni messe ni De Profundis;/Neither Mass nor De Profundis;
Ce léger parfum est mon äme,/This mild perfume is my soul,
Et j'arrive du du paradis./And I've come from Paradise.

Mon destin fut digne d'envie,/My destiny is worthy of envy;
[Pour avoir un trépas]2 si beau,/And to have a fate so fine,
Plus d'un aurait donné sa vie,/More than one would give his life
[Car j'ai ta gorge pour]3 tombeau,/For on your breast I have my tomb,
Et sur l'albâtre où je repose/And on the alabaster where I rest,
Un poëte avec un baiser/A poet with a kiss
Écrivit: "Ci-gît une rose/Wrote: "Here lies a rose,
Que tous les rois vont jalouser."/Of which all kings may be jealous."

Connaissez‑vous la blanche tombe

Connaissez-vous la blanche tombe,/Do you know the white tomb
Où flotte avec un son plaintif/Where floats with plaintive sound,
L'ombre d'un if ?/The shadow of a yew?
Sur l'if une pâle colombe,/On the yew a pale dove,
Triste et seule au soleil couchant,/Sad and alone under the setting sun,
Chante son chant :/Sings its song:

Un air maladivement tendre,/An air sickly tender,
À la fois charmant et fatal,/At the same time charming and ominous,
Qui vous fait mal,/Which makes you feel agony
Et qu'on voudrait toujours entendre ;/Yet which you wish to hear always;
Un air, comme en soupire aux cieux/An air like a sigh from the heavens
L'ange amoureux. /of a love-lorn angel.

On dirait que l'âme éveillée/One would say that an awakened soul
Pleure sous terre à l'unisson/Is weeping under the earth in unison
De la chanson,/With this song,
Et du malheur d'être oubliée/And from the misfortune of being forgotten,
Se plaint dans un roucoulement/Moans its sorrow in a cooing
Bien doucement./Quite soft.

Sur les ailes de la musique/On the wings of the music
On sent lentement revenir/One feels the slow return
Un souvenir;/Of a memory.
Une [ombre de forme]1 angélique,/A shadow, a form angelic,
Passe dans un rayon tremblant,/Passes in a trembling ray of light,
En voile blanc./In a white veil.

Les belles-de-nuit demi-closes,/The beautiful flowers of the night, half-closed,
Jettent leur parfum faible et doux/Send their perfume, faint and sweet,
Autour de vous,/Around you,

Et le fantôme aux molles poses/And the phantom of soft form
Murmure en vous / les bras:/Murmurs, reaching to you her arms:
« Tu reviendras ? »/You will return!

Oh! jamais plus, près de la tombe,/Oh! never again near the tomb
Je n'irai, quand descend le soir/Shall I go, when night lets fall
Au manteau noir,/Its black mantle,
Écouter la pâle colombe/To hear the pale dove
Chanter sur la [branche]2 de l'if/Sing on the limb of the yew
Son chant plaintif !/Its plaintive song!

Ma belle amie est morte
Ma belle amie est morte

Ma belle amie est morte:
Je pleurerai toujours;
[Sous]1 la tombe elle emporte
Mon âme et mes amours.
Dans le ciel, sans m'attendre,
Elle s'en retourna;
L'ange qui l'emmena
Ne voulut pas me prendre.
Que mon sort es amer!
Ah! sans amour, s'en aller sur la mer!

La blanche créature
Est couchée au cercueil.
Comme dans la nature
Tout me paraît en deuil!
La colombe oubliée
Pleure et songe à l'absent;
Mon âme pleure et sent
Qu'elle est dépareillée.
Que mon sort est amer!
Ah! sans amour, s'en aller sur la mer!

Sur moi la nuit immense
[S'étend]2 comme un linceul;
Je chante ma romance
Que le ciel entend seul.
Ah! comme elle était belle,
[Et comme]3 je l'aimais!
Je n'aimerai jamais
Une femme autant qu'elle.
Que mon sort est amer!
Ah! sans amour, s'en aller sur la mer!

My beautiful love is dead,
I shall weep always;
Into the tomb, she has taken
My soul and my love.
Without waiting for me,
She has returned to heaven.
The angel which took her there
Did not want to take me.
How bitter is my fate!
Ah! without love, to go to sea!

The white creature
Is lying in the coffin;
How all in Nature
Seems bereaved to me!
The forgotten dove
Weeps and dreams of the one who is absent;
My soul cries and feels
That it has been abandoned.
How bitter is my fate,
Ah! without love, to go to sea!

Above me the immense night
Spreads itself like a shroud;
I sing my romanza
That heaven alone hears.

Ah! how beautiful she was,
And how I loved her!
I will never love
Another woman as much as I loved her;
How bitter is my fate!
ah! without love, to go to sea!
To go to sea!


All is full of love

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